Crossing Poland review

Being new to zine-making I’m learning the fine art of zine-marketing; and I’m starting to get a list of places to send my photo booklets to. One of these was the Tumblr blog, ‘We are lucky’.

I sent them ‘Crossing Poland‘ – and reviewer, Louis Little compared me to Trent Parke and said “This book has a light, but well constructed feel to it which lends itself well to the subject matter.”

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Upwardly Immobile

Look up.

We’re often told to change our viewpoint; this series of images captures the view of the city as the visitor cranes their neck upwards. A look around at what is above, the higher echelons. Is it attainable or is it simply a gained height?

In itself a study or the architecture of a city – showing buildings from the emergence during Victorian times to it’s post-80’s renaissance as a new home to finance and retail.

This photobook is delivered within robust frosted packaging which at one teases and maintains the way those above ground floors also tease the passer-by

Pages: 8 | Size: 12cm x 12cm (cd booklet) | full colour | View a digital preview | £2.95(+P&P)  – signed and numbered edition of 50.

This booklet is a great companion to ‘Down at Heel‘ – buy both for £4.95 (+P&P)

Available to order now via Paypal:

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A non-photography publication! What’s going on? It’s the Loosely Bound first edition, remixed…

A little out of the ordinary this; no photography! 

In November last year I was invited to attend an artist’s dinner – out of this was born the Loosely Bound zine collective. As a collective we produced our first publication, ‘HEROES/TRIBUTES‘ and arranged our own zine fair – held 24th March 2012 in Bradford.

During this I took our zine and, with a pair of scissors and a glue stick, remixed the contents to create a new zine – UnHero.

I’ll avoid the complex explanation of all the deep thoguht behind it and instead leave it to you to make up your own minds.

Pages: 8 + original zine | Size: A5 | B&W | View a digital preview or a video walkthrough | £20 + P&P – one only.


See below for the remains of the original zine…

On the reading table…

Crossing Poland joins the reading table at a Magnum photographer’s UK premier.

I was very honoured to find out that my zine, Crossing Poland, was selected by Impressions Gallery curators to accompany other publications on the reading table for The Sound of Two Songs by Magnum photographer, Mark Power.

This is the first time this exhibition has been shown in the UK (or indeed outside Poland, where it was shot) and I’m flattered and honoured to be in this position – especially given that mine is the only publication selected for the reading table that doesn’t include any of Mark’s work.

Copies are also on sale in the gallery’s bookshop.


Is lovely – so long as it’s constructive; but it’s even more lovely when someone really gets your work.

I recently sent a copy of Crossing Poland to Christophe in France and I was overjoyed when he took time to write back to me…

I received your book two days ago, thank you very much.
I have looked at it from time to time, to enter slowly in the pictures, starting to think and express what I feel.
I never read the text before the picture (same with all books, I read forewords after the books!) and what is great with your work is that I really feel what you expected – sharing the journey! From my point of view, it works because these are casual photos. Nothing remarkable, just a few views that appear when we sit, bored, in a train, looking through the window from time to time. Some pictures are out of focus, like a memory which is not sure that what we saw was real. As you can understand I really like your work, maybe also because I love travelling, as when I was young that was my only escape from a not so exciting countryside.
I wish you all the best for your photos and you can keep me posted with your future project!

If my work excites, intrigues or otherwise draws out an emotion in you – drop me a line; I’d love to hear what you think!

And now, ‘Home from Home’ – the ’zine

Hot on the heels of finishing exhibiting in the Home from Home exhibition – I’m exhilarated to say… not only have the organisers approved my designs for the Home from Home ‘zine – a photographic record of the exhibition but… East Street Arts have agreed to print it!

I’m now waiting final information about production – but I’ll have a few to sell via this site when they’re ready!

More soon (including an online preview…)

A night of tent-based mayhem…

Thursday just gone saw me frantically driving from Harrogate to Leeds to get to 153 Woodhouse Lane so I could brief three would-be animals on mischief and bad behaviour ahead of the reading of ‘The tent that Jon made’.

After cursing at endless sunday-type drivers I arrived in the city centre; through ‘costumes’ at the willing dancer volunteers and rapidly non-briefing of the narrators it was just after 7 and time to start…

And, when we were all done, we posed for the Paparazzi…

If you go down in the Home (from Home) tonight; you're sure of a big surprise!
Image credit: Lloyd Spencer

All about being ‘home from home’

Things are steamrollering ahead with ‘The tent that Jon made‘, in promotional terms at least.

Following a showing of images from the book (and it’s prologue, Alan and the Animals – see above) the work also got accepted as a part of the 80-artist strong exhibition ‘Home from Home’. (for display, see right)

This exhibition was delivered by the Artists Book Collective and timed to coincide with Leeds International Artist’s Book Fair and shows an amazing array of talent and creativity. If you don’t believe me, why not read the reviews in The Guardian and The Culture Vultures.

What’s exciting for me is the chance to get involved – I attended the opening evening and snapped away; and again after I popped up to see the Book Fair itself. This has inspired me and, despite only shooting my photos on a camera-phone and it being my first attempt – I’ve decided to produce a ‘zine publication in response to the show. This format is not only perfect for the images but also the show’s link to the fair.

In addition I’ll be helping to provide some interest at the end of the show by arranging a reading cum performance of ‘the Tent that Jon made’ on Thursday’s late night opening. Hope to see you there.

Pics – moving and still – to follow!