Leeds through a lens

First exhibition of the year sees a series of images from 2011 showing breadth to the artist’s home city.

It’s been a busy time of late – if I haven’t been getting ready to launch LVLLDS, there’s been an activity for Exposure Leeds or activities around other initiatives I’m involved in (Loosely Bound, 3 Harbours Arts Festival or my return trip to Louisville…) – not to mention the prints arriving for Upwardly immobile and sending the print for it’s sister publication.

And breath.

But, among all this I’m overjoyed to announce that I was invited to tak part in a group photography exhibition highlighting some of the many aspects of Leeds.

When Leeds Gallery had invited me I thought long and hard about the type of imagery I wanted to share. I am aware that city centre, urban decay and portraits would be well represented. What I wanted to look at was providing a glimpse into the breadth of the city. Because of this I turned to the several photowalks from last year and the zine project (which is still being completed).

I was carefully selected to choose images with common theming – all include people and all include a ‘do’ of some description – the images represent community events, recreation, commuting and social eating. But, in addition to this they represent different areas of the city – from under the train station in the very heart of the centre to the rural market town of Otley – by way of the suburban centres of Armley and Bramley.

A selection such as this – especially when chosen from an archive – cannot hope to show a complete picture; I just hope it shows a good representation of the people and place that surrounds me.

You can see the exhibition at Leeds Gallery (Munroe House, near the Bus Station) until May 17th. Alternatively you can view the catalogue online.

The four images are also included on this page as a mini gallery.

Author: Jon

I am a digital professional, artist and all round good egg. Always looking at new and exciting interventions and communities for creative people. Current project: communications strategy for Leeds Creative Timebank. Previously: Exposure Leeds, Photocamp Leeds/Bradford, LSx (BarCamp Leeds, TEDx Leeds) and (We Are) Obscured

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