Final Resting Place

The finality of death – looking at ageing and fragility from a different angle.

Shadows cast on memorial stones in a local graveyard balanced with images of a former home for the elderly – captured after it’s closure and a significant fire. Itself teetering on permanent demise.

Shared as pairs the images reflect on the contrast between the living world of the photographer and the end of life represented by the two environments captured.

In the summer I conducted a dual photo assignment in a local graveyard and around the burnt-out shell of an old-folk’s home – this photobook/zine presents the resulting imagery. The beauty of dappled light falling on the gravestones and the quiet solemnity of the out of use building. Both elements, presented alongside each other, final resting places of their own.

First Edition: 30 (numbered)
24 page A5 booklet (8.3″ x 5.8″) on recycled stock.
Contains 24 images.

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24 hours on the coast | february 2012

A quick weekend jaunt to the coast, a walk on the beach and, a few shutter clicks later, my take on the fringe of the sea in Bridlington on Yorkshire’s coast.

A quick weekend jaunt to the coast, a walk on the beach and, a few shutter clicks later, my take on the fringe of the sea in Bridlington on Yorkshire’s coast.

See a series of images showing the point at which land gives way to sea in the Bridlington area at the northern extent of Yorkshire’s East Riding – looking at detail elements and broader landscape of the coast line under snow and ice.

Printed to order | $10 in print, $2.90 digital | Published: 2012

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Ice Shapes

A frozen canal. Ice ruptured and smashed – then healed. This collection of 16 photographs examines the surface of a frozen canal which has been violently broken and has since re-frozen. Like scars on a wound these blemishes demonstrate nature in action and reflect on the frailties of humanity.

Pages: 16 | Size: A5 (landscape) | B&W | View a digital preview | £3.50(+P&P)  – numbered edition of 25. SOLD OUT

Bettakultcha at the Corn Exchange

“Come spend an evening watching PowerPoint presentations. No, really” – in images what the Leeds phenomenon is all about!

BettaKultcha is a bit of a Leeds phenomenon – from the imagination and drive of Ivor Tymchak and Richard Michie, the event doesn’t at first sounds quite so exciting. An evening of slide-show presentations? However with interesting subjects, personal passions, a limit of 20 slides and each slide automatically progressing every few seconds – it certainly keeps the speakers on their toes.

I was coerced or convinced into presenting at the first event and then invited back to record BettaKultcha when it was held at Leeds’ Corn Exchange in March and April of 2011. This small photographic ‘zine captures these two evenings, including an introduction from BettaKultcha regular presenter, Matt Edgar, insights from the presenters and an interview with Ivor and Richard.

Pages: 36 | Size: A5 | Full colour | View a digital preview | £4.50 (+P&P)

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Crossing Poland | July 2011

This publication takes you on a journey – in a carriage, on a train – similar to journeys people take every day all over the world. But this particular journey is taken as an alien in a foreign land. Viewing how the landscape differs, how their transport system varies, how traveling without understanding the language and where everyone seems to know you’re a little different.

Join me on this journey from Krakow to Warsaw on a July day.

This zine was announced as the favorite publication of the day by online publishing site, Issuu.

Crossing Poland was also selected by Impressions Gallery to appear on the reading table of The Sound of Two Songs exhibition of Magnum photographer, Mark Power at Impressions Gallery. This was the only publication Mark didn’t contribute to that was included.

Pages: 24 | Size: A5 | B&W | View a digital preview | £3.75 + P&P – numbered edition of 25.

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The tent that Jon made

This storybook dares you into a world far from nice,
a place where creatures are unfriendly, unhelpful, unkind.
What you will see is not easy on the soul
it’ll pray on your mind and take a heavy toll.
And, as reward, the garish and the vile is all you’ll have found
But these are the things you’re sure to observe
in the land inside the tent that Jon made.

Bringing together for the first time the writing talents of Phil Kirby and the photography of Jon Eland this book explores a very dark place. Seemingly everyday toys and other objects of play are shown for the sinister and malevolent creatures they really are. The frog, the owl, the fox, the tiger and many more are exposed – if you dare peak into the tent that Jon made

Published 2011 | 52 pages | £29.95

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one per cent of one year

Back in 2006 I selected photography as a hobby. This book highlights some of the images shot in this first year.

In the first year on Flickr I accrued a little over 15,000 views. To celebrate this and to retain a record of the growth of my work (it was the first time I’d taken photography seriously since art college) I gathered images to represent 1% of those views and presented them in this book.

Printed to order | Prices from £26.95 | Published: 2007

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