Walter Lewis

Do you have any personal traditions or rituals around Xmas?

Always been a special time for close family gathering with good food and ‘low intensity’ games. Runs over into Boxing Day then we hang in limbo until New Years Day, which is celebrated a morning walk after an early night when the rest of the world goes bonkers.

Does the imminence of the new year affect your mood?

No real resolution setting, but you can’t help but feel as if should review. Never do though!

Further thoughts…

Highlighted what a bizarre and obtuse event Christmas has become. People going on a decadent spending binge as if the world is about to end and you can be saved by SPENDING. Would be nice to opt out….but its all around you!

The half-dozen contributions

Photographic resolutions…

I’m starting a new project around Food Sovereignty and Alternative farmers. Felt really committed to the cause and privileged to be meeting so many people through it with true commitment, but seriously challenged (in a positive way) photographically as I have not been a people photographer.

View his work…

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