Does the imminence of the new year affect your mood?

Yes I tend to review my last year usually on the end of the year and I’m thinking what i can do better in next year.

Further thoughts…

I would like to get the attention of people on many problems occurring nowadays like:

  • we are slaves of the big companies, TV, advertising & public opinion
  • we are generation of consumers where more important is “to have” rather than “to be” and “to love and be loved”
  • we participate in “ice bucket challenge” & street food fights while people are starving and need water to live
  • we don’t have money to fight poverty but we spend billions on things we don’t want, don’t need and what’s even worse we don’t use!
  • we are generation of stupid self-centred people, who don’t care any more about others

The half-dozen contributions

Photographic resolutions…

I want to “fight” stupidness , injustice and ignorance through my photo projects. I want to get peoples attention on our world problems, and show them that only through the change in ourselves we can try to make the world make a better place for ourselves and the  next generations to come…

View his work…

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