Mark Jaffe

Do you have any personal traditions or rituals around Xmas?

I go with the flow. Family takes priority around this time of year. It’s usually a time for regrouping and re-setting and of contacting many more people than I normally would. Many relationships change over time and because there are sometimes just Christmas & New Year contacts of five minutes or so each year, the lives of such friends, relatives & acquaintances can look a bit like a stop-motion movie.

Does the imminence of the new year affect your mood?

Yes I do those things and I see how expectations have changed a lot over the years. Not in an overall better or worse sense, just in an adaptation to moving circumstances & moods.

Further thoughts…

There were, to me at least, interesting resonances from the cascade of shots I got on the day. I’d like to experiment to see whether there was more than coincidence and personal influence at work.

Of course once you spot that sort of potential connection staying ‘hands off’ and dispassionate about shot selection becomes a lot more tricky than beforehand.

The half-dozen contributions

Photographic resolutions…

To me it’s a long continuum and a collage of experience. Oversteering is what I’m most wary of as it’s a form of pre-judging experience – which feels like a contradiction in terms which is to say a bit of a lie.

On the other hand all the mechanical decisions need to be right. In a way it’s quite a positive thing that those are mostly pretty standard decisions for me by now.

Defining photographic objectives is fine for a lot of photography but I’d like to see what the camera says when it doesn’t lie and isn’t pushed, when it’s allowed to steer itself, to act almost as a variety of divining rod.

Shooting with groups of others and taking a lot of pictures is how I’m currently distracting myself from undue personal influence and I’ll work on other methods as they occur to me.

View his work…

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