Christian Bodden

Do you have any personal traditions or rituals around Xmas?

We have a ‘Christmas Day’ on Christmas Eve and then visit family on Christmas day. I try and keep the house looking Christmassy until Twelfth Night, though often we are back at work by then. Mostly I try to just use the time to do some ‘me’ things…

Does the imminence of the new year affect your mood?

In the past New Year was about getting wrecked, but now I have a small child this has become a bit of a non-event. I actually planned to go out this year, but was ill which did affect my mood somewhat. I don’t really do reflection or resolutions that much.

Further thoughts…

I had planned to come on the photo walk, but feeling ill, weather and the fact I would need to bring a 3-year old made this all seem too difficult. Before being invited to contribute anyway I had seen the champagne cork on the road and thought that would make a good image.

In general this project was fed by a slight feeling that Christmas had been a bit of a non-event – I was feeling ill, having a child had increased the costs and I was feeling it was a lot of work for something that was over very fast!

If I was doing this without a deadline this would have included more of the packing down of the decorations – I thought a bit about this as while I was putting them away my little boy (age 3) started telling me (sounding a bit upset) how much he loved his new train set and I realised he thought that we had to pack the presents away until next year as well!

The contributions

Photographic resolutions…

This year I intend publishing more books based on my photography. I have started a project based on leaf forms and intend to continue with the occasional self portrait in 2015.

View his work…

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