A night of tent-based mayhem…

Thursday just gone saw me frantically driving from Harrogate to Leeds to get to 153 Woodhouse Lane so I could brief three would-be animals on mischief and bad behaviour ahead of the reading of ‘The tent that Jon made’.

After cursing at endless sunday-type drivers I arrived in the city centre; through ‘costumes’ at the willing dancer volunteers and rapidly non-briefing of the narrators it was just after 7 and time to start…

And, when we were all done, we posed for the Paparazzi…

If you go down in the Home (from Home) tonight; you're sure of a big surprise!
Image credit: Lloyd Spencer

Author: Jon

I am a digital professional, artist and all round good egg. Always looking at new and exciting interventions and communities for creative people. Current project: communications strategy for Leeds Creative Timebank. Previously: Exposure Leeds, Photocamp Leeds/Bradford, LSx (BarCamp Leeds, TEDx Leeds) and (We Are) Obscured

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